How to stop chair wheels from rolling – Best 8 methods

How often have you sat down at your desk only to realize that your chair has rolled away? If you’re anything like me, then you probably spend hours every day sitting in front of your computer or smartphone. And let’s face it – those chairs aren’t exactly designed to last forever.

Office chairs are expensive investments. They should provide comfort and support for long periods of time. Unfortunately, they don’t always live up to their name. Office furniture companies have spent millions developing ergonomic designs that reduce back pain and improve posture. Yet some chairs fail miserably at providing adequate support.

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How to stop office chair from rolling?

Office chairs are made to support your body weight. They also make sure that you stay comfortable throughout the day. However, some office chairs tend to roll back when you lean forward, causing pain and discomfort. Here’s how to stop your office chair from rolling.

1. Brake casters with hands-free operation

Your desk chair can actually be made easier to use by adding something that prevents it from rolling. Your desk chair can be fitted with hands-free brake casters that you can attach to the wheels.

With these brake casters, you can switch the brakes into the “on” position with your feet, so that the chair will not slide.

This kind of brake caster is very convenient for a variety of reasons. Most brake casters will simply snap into place on desk chair wheels, and they are very easy to install.

The brake casters can easily be turned off with your foot, so that you can roll the chair fast again. Additionally, it won’t hinder your ability to roll the chair fast since you can easily turn them off.

You will likely find this to be a great solution if you are looking for a logical solution that will allow you to use your desk chair with ease.

Some people like to use hands-free brake casters under their desks when using cycling equipment. You can also use it to play video games with a desk chair.

While some brake casters can be used with just your foot, others won’t. You might have to bend down to engage the lever if you have trouble reaching it with your foot.

Some may find this a bit irksome, but there are some possible alternatives that are still pretty similar.

One of the most popular brake casters, for example, is one that sets the brake when you sit on it.

You won’t be able to roll the chair when you’re sitting down. The chair will easily roll back when you raise your body.

Find the type of brake caster that is most convenient for you by researching different types. To ensure that the brake casters fit your specific desk chair, you could take some measurements.

For most people who are trying to stop desk chairs from rolling, this is probably the best advice. It’s important to choose the right brake caster for your needs.

2. Adjustable arms

If you want to prevent your desk chair from rolling, you need to adjust its armrests. This way, you’ll be able to keep your arms straight while working.

Adjustable arms are usually found on high-end office chairs. These adjustable arms are designed to give you more freedom of movement.

Adjustable arms are typically located in front of the seat. If you want to avoid having to reach over your head, you can adjust the height of the arms.

Adjustable arms can be adjusted manually or automatically. A manual adjustment means that you have to move the arms yourself. Automatic adjustment means that the arms will move as soon as you sit down.

3. An area rug should be placed under the chair

If your chair rolls on you when you’re trying to sit, then your floor might be slippery. Your desk chair could be kept in place by placing it on something that keeps it in place.

The easiest way to solve this is to place your desk chair on top of an area rug.

Alternatively, you can simply place a small area rug in front of your desk. When you put your desk chair on this, your chair should be much harder to move when you don’t want it to.

You can solve your desk chair rolling issue with this logical and cost-effective solution.

There is, however, one potential problem with this: you may not be able to roll your chair easily. An area rug will likely complicate rolling back and forth if you like to do that sometimes.

When you try to roll back the chair so that you can stand up, you might shift the rug underneath.

In addition to plastic mats, there are also mats that are designed to be placed under desk chairs. Often, these plastic mats have special gripping properties that keep them in place on the floor.

According to what you want, these might be a better choice than a standard area rug.

You might also be concerned about the overall aesthetic appeal. There are many office workers who want to make sure everything looks right in an office environment, and area rugs may or may not suit what the other employees have decided on. When considering the idea of an area rug, you have options.

4. Use a foot rest

A foot rest helps to keep your feet flat on the ground. This prevents your legs from sagging. Foot rests are often used in combination with a desk chair.

They help to keep your feet off the ground, which makes it easier to get out of the chair. If you use a foot rest, you should always remember to remove it before standing up. Otherwise, you risk falling backwards.

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5. Place a mat at the bottom of the chair

This is another simple method of preventing your desk chair from rolling. You just need to place a mat at the base of the chair. Placing a mat at the base keeps your feet firmly planted on the floor. The mat also prevents your feet from slipping around when you’re getting up and moving around.

6. Buy a new desk chair

Sometimes, even though you’ve tried all of the above methods, your desk chair still continues to roll. In this case, you’ll probably have to buy a new one.

7. Secure the chair with a strap

Straps can also be used to secure your chair in place. It is actually possible to exercise while doing office work with many under the desk cycle products available on the market. The desk chair comes with straps that enable you to strap it to the cycle that you’re using.

Another option would be to buy a strap that you could use to attach your chair to something else.

If you want to limit the chair’s ability to roll, you might try securing it to the desk itself or to something nearby. A fairly simple solution to preventing your desk chair from rolling is available, but it might not be as practical as you’d like.

In addition, if you want to roll your desk chair a bit more freely when you want, then this is not a good fix. The seat will limit the range of motion of your desk chair and will prevent you from rolling it too far back or to the side. 

Take into account whether this would be a hassle for you before you decide on this option, but keep in mind that the strap can be easily removed at any time.

8. Under your chair, place foam

What kind of foam material do you have that you could use to help your desk chair roll? Some people have had success keeping chairs in place by cutting out a square of foam and placing it under them. Your block of foam should be placed directly under your desk chair’s center, not under its wheels.

It should prevent the chair from rolling subtly throughout your day and disturbing you. The foam block should not be too thick so that you cannot roll the chair at all if it is too thick. Because of subtle movements, the chair should roll less.

You can use almost any type of foam for this purpose, and you might even be able to use other items in a similar manner. Imagine if this idea could help you with your rolling desk chair problem. It’s perfectly acceptable to consider other methods if this doesn’t seem appropriate for your situation.

Why Does the Office Chair Roll?

The most common reason why office chairs roll is because people sit too close to their computer screens. The closer you sit to your monitor, the greater the chance that your chair will roll backward. If you want to avoid this problem, try using a standing desk instead.

Why Does the Office Chair Roll

How do I keep my office chair from rolling on hardwood floors?

1. Use a mat under the desk

A simple solution to prevent your office chair from moving around on hardwood flooring is to use a mat underneath the seat of the chair. A small rug placed beneath the feet of the chair will help to stop it from sliding around. You may even want to place some rubber mats along the edges of the room to make sure the chair doesn’t roll over them either.

2. Place a towel between the legs

Another way to prevent your chair from rolling around on a hard surface is to put a towel down first before placing the chair’s legs on the ground. If you have carpeted flooring, then you’ll need to remove any throw rugs before putting the chair down.

3. Keep the wheels locked

If you’re using a wheeled office chair, then make sure to lock the wheels into position. Make sure to check the manual if you don’t know how to do this.

4. Put a foot rest under the bottom of the chair

The last thing you should do is to add a footrest to the underside of your chair. This will ensure that your feet stay firmly planted while sitting in the chair.

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How do I stop my office chair from rotating?

1. Adjust the height of the seat

Adjusting the height of the seat of your office chair can help to reduce the risk of it rolling backward. To do this, simply loosen the screws holding the seat in place and raise it slightly.

2. Add a pad to the back of the chair

You can also buy a padded backrest for your office chair. These are available at many stores like Staples. They come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose one that suits your needs best.

3. Buy an anti-rollback device

An anti-rollback device is another option for preventing your chair from rolling backward. These devices are usually attached to the front of the chair and they work by stopping the chair when it starts to rotate backward.

How do you lock an office chair that won’t stay up?

To prevent your office chair from falling over, you can attach a locking mechanism to the base of the chair. There are several types of locking mechanisms available, but the simplest ones are those that fit directly into the holes found on the base of the chair itself.

Simply insert the key into the hole and turn until it clicks. Once locked, you can move the chair as much as you like without you want without worrying about it tipping over.

Drinking coffee or tea while working helps wake you up and makes you feel more alert. But what happens to worry about it toppling over?


What is the knob on the bottom of my office chair for?

This knob is used to adjust the height of the seat. It allows you to raise or lower the seat so that you can sit comfortably.

How do I get rid of squeaks in my office chair?

Squeaking sounds can be caused by several things. The most common cause of squeaks is worn out casters. When these casters become loose, they rub against each other causing friction. This creates noise. There are two ways to fix this problem: 1) Replace the casters with new ones; 2) Use a lubricant such as WD40 to coat the casters.

Should I lock my office chair?

Yes! Locking your office chair ensures that no one else can use it. You can either purchase a locking mechanism or you can take apart the chair and replace the parts that allow the chair to swivel.

What is a chair tilt lock?

A tilt lock is a type of locking mechanism that prevents the chair from tilting forward or backward. Most chairs have a tilt lock built into them. However, some chairs require that you remove the tilt lock before you can install it.

How do you lock a chair to lean back?

There are several options for locking a chair to lean back. One way is to purchase a tilt lock. Another method is to drill small holes through the legs of the chair and then thread bolts through the holes. Finally, you can use a screwdriver to push the leg down onto the floor.

Innovate a solution

If you have a good imagination, you may even be able to come up with some type of innovative solution.

Various ways have been devised by gamers to solve the desk chair rolling issue so they can play different types of games. If you want to play virtual reality games at home, for example, you might need the perfect setup.

People who play racing games have attached desk chairs to plywood and cut grooves for the wheels. A grooved section of the plywood allows them to move the chair, but otherwise it remains stationary. With a bit of creativity, you might come up with your own solution.

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