Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber for Carpet And Hardwood Floors

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  • Easy installation.
  • Smooth movement.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Made of steel and polyurethane.
  • Can support weights up to 650 pounds.
  • Universal sizing means they fit almost all chairs.
  • Lifetime warranty against defects.

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Over the past few years, this set of caster wheels has received excellent reviews. Steel and polyurethane casters are used in Lifelong wheels.

There are five casters included in this set, which resemble those found on OPTTICO chairs. 

They move quickly on carpets and other floors because they are smooth and frictionless. Depending on your carpet type, these casters’ wheels move differently. High pile carpets require fewer wheels with these characteristics, while low pile carpets require fewer wheels with these characteristics. 

Weights up to 650 pounds can be supported by Lifelong caster wheels. Due to their durable quality and material, they never wear out or damage your carpet over time. 

With some simple DIY skills, you can easily install these casters. IKEA chairs will not be compatible with these caster wheels, however They are universally sized at 7/16″ x 7/8″ so they fit 98% of chairs. 

47 reviews for Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber for Carpet And Hardwood Floors

  1. 5 out of 5

    Patrick Doyle

    These are EXCELLENT!

    I am a website designer (202 pounds) who sits on a desk chair at least 8 hours per day programming. For years, once a year, I would buy an expensive high quality chair mat replacement because the traditional casters would wear the mats down. Sometime the old casters would catch or scrape the chair mats due to wear and tear on these old style casters, even on my expensive desk chair.At first, I was hesitant to order these due to several comments about how hard it became to move the chair while sitting. Folks, I have no idea what they are referring to and those comments prompted my review. These caster wheels are exceptional! They glide PERFECTLY, with absolutely zero noise or effort!I could not be happier with my choice to buy them. It honestly took me 2.5 minutes to replace the old casters, and I have been “gliding” around for a week in heaven! Buy these. You will be very pleased you did! Honestly you will love these!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Randy Reviewer

    Great Wheels! Love them!

    Great wheels! I moved and thought I needed a new floor mat for my chair as to not wear out the hard wood floors from all the rolling of my office chair. I am very glad these wheels came up in the results since I do prefer no mat on the floor. (Sometimes you roll off the mat and then have to wheel back up onto it. Which means the mat would not be big enough anyway for my work area)I found these wheels as an option and they installed very easily. All I used was a flat head screwdriver to help loosen up the old wheels to pull them off. Pushed these wheels in with my hands and I was rolling with ease. Such a smooth roll compared to the factory wheels the chair came with. They roll smooth, silent, very nice. Thanks for coming up with such a great product!!

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  3. 5 out of 5


    Have an office chair? Buy these!

    Like many other folks, in 2020/2021 I found myself investing in a “work from home” office setup.Well, I made an early mistake; I bought an “OK” chair (due to the ergonomics and quality of the chair)But then, I made a good decision; I replaced the castors with this product. We had tile floors in my office area, and these were AMAZING. So smooth, so quiet, no marks on my tile 2022 we moved and my new office has carpeting and I was WAY overdue for an upgraded office chair. I spent an unreasonable amount of money buying something well built, reputable, and reliable.But again, I made a mistake: I threw out the old chair with these fabulous castors because my new chair was expensive, and surely I only needed these awesome wheels because it was a cheap chair.Fast forward to this week and two broken office mats later (I weigh 185lbs) – I gave up on office chair mats and ordered these castors again. I have medium ply carpet, and are they perfect? Nope. Do they work absurdly better than the castors that came with my high end office chair? Yup. I don’t have to stand up to move my chair any more (I squirm a lot, it was getting annoying). They don’t “glide” across the floor like they did on my tile (which was not my expectation) but these are a drastic improvement.These are a reasonably priced enhancement, that adds tremendous value. Installation is a breeze, and they will outlive the lifespan of your chair (and don’t be like me, take them off and put them on the new chair).

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Library Girl

    Great upgrade!

    I purchased two sets of these wheels to upgrade the wheels on my husband’s and my office chairs. We used to have carpet in the office but recently replaced all of our flooring (ALL of it) with CALI VINYL PRO, Seaboard Oak. (great product!) Well, our old chair mats, while lovely, (they looked like rugs) kept turning up on the sides and biting my toes when I would walk by them (very, very painful) So I decided to replace the wheels on our chairs in order to just eliminate the problem.These work like a charm. They are a tiny bit higher than my old wheels but that doesn’t bother me at all, if it did I could just lower my chair. Yes, there are cheaper replacement wheels, but these are the real deal. Nice solid casters. Never have I rolled so smoothly! And the best part? They will not scratch my floors (not that I am sure anything could scratch these floors-really check them out).All you need to install is a mallet and some WD40. This is especially true if you have an old chair like my husband. You need the mallet to whack the old wheels out and then to gently tap in the new ones once you have properly lubricated the old, dry shaft.Now my toes shall be mostly pain-free!

  5. 1 out of 5


    Bad casters

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     2 wheel Casters didn’t last. Only 3 months on these and fell apart. On their profile there isn’t even an option to return them. No quality control. With the name of “lifelong” you’d think these would last.

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  6. 5 out of 5


    The Herman Miller of Wheels, these Life Long Wheels are!

    I found these while looking for a chair mat to protect a vinyl plank floor from a desk chair. The old wheels popped almost right out of the Herman Miller Equa 2 (two wheels pulled away from their stems, but a few tugs with pliers pulled the stems out) and these popped right in. Funny that a puff of a smoke-like substance came from several old wheel holes when I pulled them out; maybe old, dried lube?These Life Long Wheels surprised me. They roll smoothly, rotate freely and I have no concern about scratching the floor. I’m not sure where the idea of putting roller blade wheels on a chair originated, but I applaud the people who followed through with it!They saved me the non-trivial cost of a good mat and look a heck of a lot nicer. I’m treating myself to another Herman Miller chair – this time a Celle – when I move enough boxes out of my home office to turn it into a home office, and these wheels will replace the factory rollers right away. These really are the Herman Miller of chair wheels!

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  7. 1 out of 5


    Lasted about a month.

    It’s been about a month with these casters. Thought they were pretty good at first but noticed one started squeaking and saw a large black spot inside the caster and it’s turned yellow. Don’t know what that’s about but only a months use and already one’s faulty? I dunno I think I’d skip these if I were you.

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  8. 5 out of 5


    So awesome I replaced all the wheels in my house

    We have hardwood and tile floors and I am constantly telling my kids that they can’t roll around in the chairs because it will damage the floors. Those plastic mats are anywhere from $80 or more and are a tripping hazard, and I’ve even had issues with the fabric of my pant legs getting caught in the casters, and the casters breaking from rolling off of a chair mat.These. are. brilliant. Hands down just a great idea.They install in under a minute, are almost completely silent, there is a difference in the feel of the chair when you sit or move, and did I mention how quiet they are? I tried them on my computer chair and liked them so much that I got 2 more sets for my kids’ chairs and recommended them at my work.Caution: when racing your chairs these glide and want to keep rolling over any surface so don’t race near stairs or heavy traffic.If it’s a concern to you, there are a smidge taller than the casters so your chair will need to be adjusted.

  9. 5 out of 5



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     These awesome office chair wheels are really stunning and greatly enhances my office. I can’t believe that it took so long to come across these great chair casters, you can dump all your office chair mats for hardwood floors and chair mats for carpets can get dumped to and old ugly chair wheels that come with the original chair, no more squeaking while your in your computer desk chair and no more scratches on your beautiful office hardwood floors. I sometimes use these chair wheels on my carpet and their just unbelievable, they don’t rip my carpet as the previous wheels did, and they glide smoothly even on my carpet. I have tried other companies that look the same as these wheels and they broke very fast, but these wheels are obviously the original ones that can hold me up no problem even though I weigh 380 lbs “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”.Once I received these chair wheels I changed ALL my chair wheels in my office and got rid of all office chair mats the ugly cracked up chair mats for carpets and the hardwood chair mats. Enjoy these office chair casters.

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  10. 3 out of 5

    JK in CA

    Had such high hopes but super irritating on my carpet.

    First, I’ll say that these may well work for you as they have for many others, and I do still think they are a step up from the plastic wheels my Wayfair chair came with, but beyond that they’re not really working for me. After a bunch of research I was so convinced and so excited about all the positive reviews that I cancelled the order of a floor mat I had also thoroughly looked into and was geekily looking forward to. Unfortunately as I just looked through the reviews again now, confused about why these wheels aren’t working for me, I realized that the vast majority of them are written by folks using them on hard floors. Sure, there are a couple people that say it works for them in that situation but I’m assuming they must have shorter shag, weigh less, or both.  For me, rolling in just about any direction is a herky-jerky affair and just scooting my chair forward a couple inches is infuriatingly difficult. (Note: I’m heavy but nowhere near the chair’s listed weight limit.) I’m still giving them 3 stars because they look very cool and if I ever have hard floors in my office I assume they’ll be a dream. I also have a dog who sheds insanely so I’m likely reaping the preventative hair trapping benefits the dog groomer reviewer was touting. But off to buy that floor mat now…

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  11. 5 out of 5


    Why didn’t I buy these wheels before!

    Recently updated my home office furniture including a new desk chair. Over the years have purchased many desk chairs, both inexpensive and moderately expensive. All had in common the standard hard plastic, double sided wheels. Problem is, I have big furry dogs who spread their soft, fluffy fur everywhere. The hard plastic wheels are true fur magnets and although I try to be tidy, inevitably my chair wheels became clogged with fur. When I was younger I would use pliers, scissors, heavy duty tweezers, etc. to clean the wheels. It took hours. The wheels have come apart many times with an overload of fur. These LifeLong wheels have been in use on my new chair for more than a month and have found that the fur pickup is minimal and easily removed because the wheel has no inaccessible areas in its design. The wheels also make it fun to skim smoothly across my office. I’m a very happy purchaser.

  12. 2 out of 5


    A nice idea – but forget it if you’re man-sized

    Seemed like a perfect solution, but did not work in any capacity for me. Granted, I weigh 250, but these are absolutely immobile on any depth of carpet – including indoor/outdoor. Even on a solid chair mat or hardwood, they are reluctant to change direction. Granted, once aligned in your chosen direction they roll like crazy, but they have so much geometric “caster” that they won’t swivel and change direction without a substantial nudge. I re-installed my old chair wheels almost immediately.I’ll give them an extra star because they are well-made.

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  13. 5 out of 5


    It’s still my chair but … WAY BETTER!

    I work 100% remotely as a software engineer, and so I’m at my desk and in my office chair all day. Every now and then as I sit at my desk, I need to move the chair just slightly, but the little plastic casters don’t really allow “just slightly” movements, so it’s a bit of a battle every time so I can get my chair in just the right place. NOT anymore!These arrived before work the day I received them, and within 5 minutes, I had cut open the box, pulled out the old plastic casters and replaced each with one of these roller blade wheels (as another reviewer referred to them). Then I sat down and just glided across the carpet and into the kitchen to test the hardwood … it’s like a dream. I can position my chair wherever I want with precision and ease now, and, not gonna lie, it feels amazing. I would highly recommend that if you have an office chair with those default garbage plastic casters, invest in a set of these rubber casters … there is literally no point in using the defaults anymore.It’s one of the best small upgrades with such a large return in comfort that I’ve made in a very long time … well done to the vendor!

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  14. 5 out of 5

    daniel nix

    This should be standard Equiptment!

    My family owns and operates Greenville South Carolina’s #1 Stone yard. A real stone yard doesn’t have fancy show rooms with elegant carpet and high end hardwoods. 20 minutes after sweeping our floors it looks as it hasn’t been swept in a week! Our floors are old 3/4” plywood that has been down since 1968 and man are they rough and pitted. Office chairs don’t last more than a few months and wheels fall off! Cheap plastic just can’t take that kind of abuse. We have used office chair pads and they just keep breaking. I have thrown countless chairs out in the past with perfect fabric, frames, hydraulic cylinders and not a scratch to be found! However, with these wheels!, never again! I don’t think I can ever find a more silky smooth and durarble wheel out there. This will be the first time I will wear out the chair and not the wheels! If anything changes I will do a follow up post. But until then: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! From “Stone City Inc.”

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  15. 1 out of 5


    Didnt work and broke my chair

    After moving into a house with wood floors I wanted to be conscientious about not leaving any damage from my chair wheels on the floor. So I bought these thinking it was an easy logical fix. They fit in my chair perfectly. I was so excited! When I sat in it, it was fine, I attempted to scoot forward and multiple wheels snapped the plastic part that holds the wheel – leaving my chair now useless.

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  16. 5 out of 5

    Dr. Linden C. Adkins

    Very Smooth & Silent Castors

    I was amazed at how fast they came. They certainly came sooner then the original estimation was. The only problem was entirely my fault, and I mention it only so that people ordering castors will take this into account when they are replacing castors. My original castor wheels were about five inches in diameter. These castor wheels are three inches in diameter. I knew that these were small, but since the two inch diameter difference would amount to only a one inch difference in height, I figured that I would hardly notice it. WRONG!!! I did notice it, a lot!!! Unless you specifically intend to raise or lower your chair, DO NOT get castors with a different wheel diameter. I put a pillow in the seat and that seems to take up the difference, so all is well. In any case, the fault was mine, not the castor’s or the LIFELONG Store’s fault. And I have to say that these are incredibly smooth and silent castors.

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  17. 4 out of 5

    Jim C

    do not accept copies of these casters

    I discovered after i made the initial review that the wheels i had troubles with came on Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair that i recently returned for the same reason.These replacement wheels while they will ‘catch’ a bit during short turn, … are not nearly as stubborn as the ‘copies’ that were advertised/insdtalled on the oline chair.I bought these wheels based on advertised features, larger diameter and favorable reviews, but have to say, while they do raise my chair up a bit which is good for my long legs, and while rolling longer distances across the room, between two desks they work fine.HOWEVER, for most small (less than 2 inch) positional changes behind the desk the wheels ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to turn in the direction your hips attempted to move the chair until it became painful for my back.This includes the first two inches of effort to roll the chair 6ft across the room.I feel the two months I gave these wheels was more than ample time to ‘break in’. (which should not be necessary for properly designed casters).Today, i reinstalled the original plastic casters that while noticeably shorter do work as they should

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  18. 1 out of 5

    R. Bunch

    Not good as casters!

    The actual wheel is basically from roller-blade useage, so the neoprene “tire” is relatively soft. This makes them very quiet and non-marring to hardwood floors. But, being so soft they do not like to turn when moving in a different dirrection. They like to roll in a straight line. “Castering” is not their thing!Over time, the small grit that accumulates on the surface of the “tire” will slowly grind into a hardwood floor. There is just no chair wheel that can be safely used on hardwood floors without at least slow damage.Just go back to some larger, 3″ diameter desk-chair casters with hard plastic “tires” for easier rolling and turning on a hardened mat.

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  19. 2 out of 5


    Not “Lifelong”, more like “Short Lived”

    To be fair, these are used by a very heavy person. But that’s exactly why I researched them to ensure they are designed for that purpose and these are supposed to support up to 650 lbs. We expected them to support 400. The problem seems to be the ball bearings, as noted in other reviews. Once a wheel is compromised, they all start to go. I had to send back 2 sets, and have now decided to go with another type of wheel that is larger and does not use ball bearings. The seller was very prompt about the first return and so far is working with me on the return of the 2nd set, although I do not yet have the refund as wheels are still in transit. No complaints with the seller, but these wheels are NOT designed for the weight as stated.

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  20. 3 out of 5

    Jonathan R.

    I’m not really loving them.

    They do the job they are intended to… being soft rubber instead of hard plastic means they won’t be scraping up your floors even if you do move the chair with the wheels locked up, but at the same time these wheels just aren’t super maneuverable. Compared to the casters they are replacing these have something of a wide turning radius and if you try to move the chair in another direction you’ll have to maneuver it around almost like a car instead of just being able to push yourself in that direction. And honestly that’s not the best thing for a wheeled chair where you want to make small frequent adjustments.

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  21. 5 out of 5

    Sidney C. White

    These wheels should be on every office chair

    I bought a clear plastic mat to put in front of my desk, because my chair casters were damaging the hardwood floor. The mat would not stay in place. That was a real problem, as I had to re-position it several times every day. I recognized the problem right away as being the hard double-roller casters that came on my chair. When I deposited my 200 pounds on the chair, the casters dug into the soft plastic and strongly resisted moving, preferring instead to move the mat – not just forward and backward, but clockwise. Observing the process, I noted that the five arms to which the casters are attached always rotate clockwise – here in Texas – and I wonder if they rotate counter-clockwise in Australia. :-)) My first effort to solve the problem was to install [Home Techpro Rug Grippers, Best Non-Slip Washable Rug Gripper, “Vacuum TECH” ], one in each corner. That slowed the mat movement but I still had the problem. My second effort solved the problem. Leaving the “Grippers” in place, I installed [Office Chair Wheels Replacement Rubber Chair casters for Hardwood Floors and Carpet, Set of 5, Heavy Duty Office Chair Ball casters for Chairs to Replace Office Chair mats – Universal fit Sold by: Quality With Trust]. PROBLEM SOLVED! If I had it to do over, I would skip the corner grippers and go straight to installation of these wonderful, beautiful wheels.

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  22. 4 out of 5


    Great casters for chair mat or hard flooring

    I wanted to use these for a while before reviewing them. At this point, I think I’ve used them about 3 months, and they’ve been perfect for what I need. I am using them on a “Rug’d” chair mat from Anji Mountain, and I wanted these casters in part to raise my chair up higher because the bottom of my chair was scraping the mat and ruining it. It definitely gave me the height I was looking for and also rolls very smoothly along on the chair mat.Installation was relatively easy. There were one or two that I had a little harder time installing – just required a bit more force to get the casters to go all the way in. But nothing too difficult. Overall, between removing original casters and installing these, the process prob took about 15-20mins for me.I tried using the chair only briefly on carpet, and it definitely felt less smooth, like the wheels had a harder time turning and would “catch” on the carpet – and my carpet isn’t very deep. So I’m not sure how it would do on a rug or carpet, but on a chair mat it’s fantastic, and I suspect it would be on hard flooring as well. Would definitely recommend for those uses.

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  23. 1 out of 5

    Kindle Customer

    Broken after 3 months for me too…Washer/spacer fitting shattered

    Yup it broke after 3 months… i’m pretty handy so i decided i would just try to fix it myself. But in the chair base assembly there is no way to take apart the mechanism because the parts are press fit together.. so i’d have to drill out the fasteners and get pretty creative to make it work again. There is a washer type fitting that acts as a spacer on the hinge pin on both sides but also acts as the support because the washer passes through the tower base…it is very short…and very brittle..probably a hardened fastener of some kind. Anyways.. i’ve bought 4 of these chairs which have helped my family’s backs tremendously during this work form home time…but hey are all little people and i am 225 lbs… the rating is 250 so i’m sure it is my weight that is the cause but…. that is pretty sad if you are making something out of steel and it cannot support 225 lbs …the pictures are not great that i uploaded but you can see that the fitting is shattered so when you sit down you lean WAY to the left and all the while knowing there is just one more of those pins waiting to fail on the other side….but my back is doing better 🙂

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  24. 5 out of 5

    Jason Z.

    Great Upgrade

    These wheels are awesome. They were very easy to install and in my case required no special tools to remove the old ones, just my hands and a little strength. I had them all installed in less than 2 minutes. I immediately could tell the difference from the original wheels that came with my chair. The originals were noisy and required a floor mat to protect my hardwood flooring. These new ones are almost completely silent, you have to really listen to hear anything at all. One of my main reason for getting these was to remove the need for a floor mat. I hate having to use those mats because dirt gets up under the lips of them and when you clean the floors moisture gets up under it and it fogs up. I had to perform a special cleaning step to clean the mat and it was annoying. These wheels seem to completely eliminate the need for the mat all together. So far they leave no marks of any kind rolling around on the hardwood surface. I’ve been rolling around my home office all morning and they are awesome. The only downside I can find using them, in my particular case, is that they raise the chair up a little bit higher and I can no longer push my chair completely under the desk, the arm rests hit the top of the desk. Also with that, my feet don’t complete rest flat on the ground if I’m not wearing shoes. I’m 5′ 8″ so if you are taller, or your chair lowers more than mine, you’ll probably touch just fine, its just something I wanted to note as an FYI. Time will tell if they hold up, I’m only on day one with them so far. If anything changes I’ll be sure to update my review. So far I love these wheels, and I hope they last me a longtime.

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  25. 5 out of 5

    Eugene H.

    Sturdy and roll well

    Bought these a couple of months ago to replace some plastic wheels that were scratching the floors back in linemen’s’ offices. I did a follow up after receiving a Thank You card from LIFELONG WHEELS. They said the wheels were sturdy and rolled well on the floors. They are very happy with them and would recommend them to others.

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  26. 1 out of 5


    Bearings don’t last long

    Bearings were falling out in only three months

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  27. 5 out of 5

    Tricia Holman

    Very slick office chair wheels (and fun!)

    There is one brand I had gotten before that I like better, but for some reason it was discontinued. That brand is better than any other I’ve tried so far, and this brand comes in a very close second.Aside from how easy the wheel rolls, it’s also valuable for it to have good swiveling/spinning power. These are very good at both of those! And quiet, and they look nice, and were very easy to put in.I work from home and have a painful spinal disability, so I often just “whoosh!” in my office chair from one spot to another (like out to the kitchen for more water). I also can’t vacuum standing/walking like most people, so I do it while rolling around in my office chair outfitted with these wheels, and it makes vacuuming fun again! (yes, I do actually like vacuuming, haha!)

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  28. 1 out of 5

    Dan M.

    good wheels, but…..

    the wheels are good, the angle of the caster sets the wheel to far from the pin, these wheels have caused me to capsize my chair 3 times now. all three times have been when i rolled back a little then leaned back, the last time minutes ago kinda really hurt, like i have a bruise on my ego now and my chest, my lady watched me fall over backwards.not good for office chairs unless you never tilt back.

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  29. 5 out of 5

    Carmen Sorenson

    Awesome, so much better than other office chair wheels.

    We went to a local store to buy new office chair wheels because ours kept getting thread and dust in them (we have an upholstery business). While in that aisle, a friend suggested getting these type of wheels instead. We are SO HAPPY that we did. These wheels are so much better…they roll smoothly and glide so much nicer and the thread doesn’t get stuck. Great Buy!! So glad we ran into our friend in the store.

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  30. 1 out of 5

    Lee & Erin

    Lasted Almost Two months

    Put these on my chair at the beginning of May. It is June 20. I only use this chair while working from home M-F 9 hr days. Simply move chair back to get up and move up to scoot myself up to my desk. No circus tricks, nothing extraordinary. No leaning all the way back with my feet on the desk. I simply just sit at my desk and work. One of the wheels began making rubbing noise a few weeks ago. It progressively got worse and my husband took a look and noticed that one of the wheels was bent and rubbing on the inside of the metal wheel hub. I am a plus size woman but no where near the weight limit of the advertised weight. I did a ton of reviewing on these wheels before purchasing. To say the least I’m extremely disappointed that the quality of the product is not as advertised and I should have listened to other similar reviews. These may work for someone who is 150lbs and only sits in the chair minimally. I’d definitely continue looking further if you are shopping and even considering these wheels. They roll nicely on carpet but the quality is not worth purchasing. Keep looking. I had high hopes too because of all the good reviews. Unfortunately, I ended up being just one more negative review with my experience.

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  31. 1 out of 5

    Theron Ginn

    Frames bent less than two months of usage. Poor Design

    When I first bourght and installed two sets of these wheels I was very happy. Easy to install, smooth, quiet, and didn’t damage hardwood floor. After a month of use both of us noticed the wheels were rubbing the frames because they had bent. This is because the metal of the frame holding the wheel axle and connecting the stem is thin and not reinforced. We both weight less than 200lbs and are usually stationary at our desks. Not sure why this happened to us and not others because after looking carefully at the design, they seem destined to fail. Maybe if you weigh less than 150lbs these will work for you.

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  32. 5 out of 5


    Strong sturdy and glades

    Office chair wheels are excellent love them better than the standard wheels that comes with the chair highly recommend if you do not want your floors scratched and I suggest you buy these

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  33. 5 out of 5

    David Durkop

    Review of the Lifelong 3” Wheels

    These wheels were purchased to replace the OEM wheels on three of my chairs. On one of my chairs the wheels cost more than the chair, because I purchased the chair from an estate auction. 😊There is a significant improvement in the movement of the chairs on the carpet. It most likely would be even much better on a hardwood or tile floor. I compared the weight of the OEM wheels to the Lifelong wheels. I placed the OEM in an empty Lifelong box to get an accurate comparison. The five OEM wheels were 1 pound 6.6 ounces (1.36 pounds; .62 Kg.), whereas the five Lifelong wheels were 2 pounds 13 ounces (2.81 pounds; 1.28 Kg.), as weighed on my mail scale.The Lifelong wheels are 3” in diameter but are only 3 cm wide at the center and about 1 cm wide in contact with the floor. The OEM is about 6 cm wide at the center and has two wheel to floor contacts that are each about 1 cm wide.I got really geeky and time how long it took me to remove a OEM wheel and putting the new Lifelong wheel. It was about 12 seconds for the actual removal and replacement.The Lifelong wheels are much stronger and move much smoother across the carpet than the OEM wheels. They raise the chair just a little because of the increased diameter.Shipping was extremely fast. They were on my doorstep this morning.

  34. 3 out of 5


    Good but other cheaper ones are better

    I bought two sets of wheels from two different companies just to compare the quality and to see if the more expensive one (this one) is better in any way. But no, the cheaper one is smoother and slides better. I am bit disappointed by how it can be no better than the one that is $7 cheaper one. I bought this one for $35.64 but the other one was $28.99. DEFINITELY go look for cheaper one if you can… this one is good but you can get same or even better wheels from cheaper companies. 🙂

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  35. 5 out of 5


    I’m Taller! PIctures Added

    20201029 update: The wheels may be a bit taller than ½” – you tell me. You may notice a brief “sticking” when rolling around when the wheels pivot. One thing I’m Not happy with is the price increased $3, then another $2 for a total of $5 since I purchased them. I was going to buy a set for my husband, but I will wait for the price to go back down – I don’t appreciate increases and think the price I paid was sufficient.Everyone else has said what there is to be said for the quietness and ease of gliding along the floor now. I have little I could add to their glowing reviews other than:- As a gal with waist length hair and 3 dogs I am Thrilled all that hair will no longer pose a problem. 20201029 update: I Did sweep before “installing” the new wheels, but they are picking up hair so there will still be maintenance involved; however, it will be far easier to clean these than my old casters.- My back was getting tweaked from trying to turn and my caster wheels stopping me. Particularly with the latest arthritic flare up that’s trying to make an appearance. Well, la da dee dee da . . . no more of that nonsense!- Gone is the fugly plastic floor protector that Never stayed in place for more than a couple hours; which means Also gone is the sand, dust, and dog hair that said protector collected, only to grind into my lovely floors- I sit approximately ½” taller now. As someone who shrunk 1½” over the last 20 years (boo hiss Acquired Scoliosis, you suck!) I regained some height! If only while I sit. It counts!- I can now move the legs of the chair where I need them. My previous casters held fast and I couldn’t situate the chair to where I could comfortably rest my feet (I often sit to where my feet are supported by the legs) or they wouldn’t budge when I tried to move them away from my sub woofer (it prevented me from scooching in all the way to my desk and when you’re short All the space matters!)- Arthritis is in my hands, too (I truly won the lottery!) and these were a breeze to “install.” Can it truly be called an “install” when the things are joined to the chair effortlessly? I spend more time buttering toast than I did “installing” these wheelsThey’re basically soft rollerblade wheels if anyone needs a comparable item.The only thing that would make these better is lighting options! You know, like the little kiddo shoes that blink when they walk. During the day it’s my work chair, at night it’s my gaming chair and we gamers are fond of our lighting options, typed as I watch my sunset theme wave across my keyboard.Get them – you won’t be sorry. I’m ordering a set for my husband right after I click “Submit” (and then re-re-re-check my review for errors).

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  36. 1 out of 5


    Should have just purchased a mat…..

    Purchased these September 12th and they are no longer usable on my chair! Not sure how something that supposedly supports 600lbs can’t even hold a chair.Was sitting here for the last week not understanding why my chair felt like it kept leaning to the front whenever I would try to get closer to my desk. My husband looked at it and found that one of the wheels was bent. How does that even happen?!?!Not sure if this is why they don’t roll well but to me, they don’t roll well on carpet at all!! I mean on real low thin carpet, these should roll fairly easy but they don’t.Contacted the seller….No response! Less than 2 months old and can’t even use the product anymore!

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  37. 5 out of 5

    gordon culler

    My gaming computer chair standard wheels ruined my hardwood floors!!!

    I received the wheels and in the box was a hand-written note from Amy, wishing that I enjoyed the product and to please leave a review. I was so thoroughly impressed, I had to. The old hard plastic wheel just pull off and the new wheels push on. To those people that used to roller blade back in the day, you will instantly remember that feeling of smooth sailing. These wheels are more than I could have hoped for. Easy maneuverability while coasting back and forth, and my chair no longer feels like its digging into my floors.I wish I knew about these aftermarket wheels back when I purchased my chair. Yes, 30 ish dollars seems like a big investment because chairs are fairly cheap, but if I upgraded in the first place, I wouldn’t be looking at the expense of repairing the floors in my rental house.Amy, I think your family’s product is wonderful and should be standard equipment on all office chairs. Good luck on your businesses future success.

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  38. 4 out of 5

    Patent Man

    We Will See How Long These Last

    The wheels were exact copies of those I got from a previous purchase. Allegedly a different merchant, but the size, shape and materials are exactly like a set I had that lasted only 2-1/2 years. The only difference is a different brand name stamp on the metal down legs to the wheels. The bearings of the previous set went out and the wheels were misaligned. They roll well, but so did the others. So my review is we will see how long these last. It may be that these are a 2 to 2-1/2 year service life product.

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  39. 5 out of 5

    David Schwind

    These are really a game changer! Fantastic!

    When I switched to remote work, I bought a new office chair. It had the standard hard plastic casters on it. After a few months, the casters started to eat up my hardwood floor. Granted, I could have just gotten a plastic floor mat, but having an area rug right behind my chair would have made it inconvenient at best. I saw these casters advertised and thought they looked great. They then popped up on Prime Day so I took the plunge. They aren’t exactly cheap, but they are worth every penny – and then some. I installed them in about five minutes…they were a direct replacement for my old casters. I noticed the difference immediately…the chair is now quiet, I can roll easily on the hardwood floor, and most impressively, I can roll straight from the hardwood floor directly onto the carpet without issue! Impressive! I definitely recommend these to everyone. I’m not getting anything in return for this review – I am simply a super happy customer who thinks they are absolutely wonderful!

  40. 5 out of 5

    Sanger Magee

    These are just excellent! Wort5h the money.

    I replaced the plastic dual wheel rollers on three office chairs for use on hardwood floors. It took just minutes to change out each chair, though a pair of needle nose pliers is useful for removing the old wheels. The required a little pressure to insert, but otherwise it was a breeze to install them. As for use, they are quiet, they don’t mar the floors, they look good, and most important, they DO NOT send you skidding across the floor with every minor movement. There is just enough friction in the bearings to let them move smoothly and silently without making you constantly adjust after every little body movement. I can’t speak to durability yet, but they appear to be solid and well made, and insofar as it goes, I will be replacing every chair and table caster I have in the house w/ these. I don’t think you can go wrong with these if they fit your chair. BTW, I did not even measure first. Our chairs are ‘standard’ office chairs and the wheels fit perfectly.

  41. 5 out of 5

    M Thomas

    Gliding beauty

    I bought these wheels for the first time about 5 or 6 months ago. I had it for my desk chair on carpet. The chair glided beautifully, didn’t get caught on anything and the wheels swivel well. We moved and now my office has tile, and I can slide around the room at a small push with the ball of my foot.2 Drawbacks/Considerations:I will say that because my tile is so slick, it can slide quite a bit after I sit down if I am coming into the room quickly and plopping down. The carpet was totally fine, and any tile that isn’t as glossed as mine should be totally fine as well.The one other draw back to these is that there isn’t a guard over the top of the wheel. This didn’t matter as much until we moved (see previous point). Because my floor is so slick, sometimes when I rest my feet on top they get a little smooshed if I’m too close to the joint point. (someone could also argue don’t do that, which… fair point)TL:DR: great product, strong construction, see considerations if you have suuupper slippery floors, would and did buy again despite slippery floors.

  42. 4 out of 5


    Good replacements for OEM wheels, with caveats

    A few things to keep in mind:1. If you have an old chair that’s been around for a while, removing the old wheels is going to be a challenge. Think vice grips and the old wheels will most likely have to be ripped off the shank and the shank extracted with extreme strength.2. These wheels add to the height of a chair. If you’re short and already bottom out your chair’s lift, you will not longer be able to adjust the height low enough to assume proper posture.That said, these wheels certainly do what they set out to do. A robust, quiet, fuss-free roll. The wheels themselves seem to attract a bit of dust from the ground which can be a little unsightly. Original chair wheels have that cover to hide this. If you care about this, however, it’s way easier to clean than before.A good purchase, if a little expensive.

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  43. 5 out of 5


    Will recommend to everyone I know.

    I am a LARGE person who spends multiple hours a day working from my computer/desk. The floor is covered with a thick carpet with very thick padding. The quality of these wheels appears to be high.After laying the chair on its back and removing the existing wheels (dual plastic), I installed the new wheels with little trouble (a bit stiff going in). The height of the base pin from the floor is taller than my previous wheels, so my chair is now 1.5 inches higher than it was before. It is so much better this way as I had already maxed out the height lift.Functionally, there is still a drag on the carpet, but so little compared to the old wheels I don’t care. The only negative thing I can say is the packaging looks worn even though the wheels are obviously new. That would be a deterrent for gift giving. I highly recommend these replacement wheels.

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  44. 5 out of 5

    A Distant Relative

    The battle to install these is formidable

    I really liked the installation instructions: they were clear and concise. Remove the existing ones and put the new ones in. I followed their guidance perfectly, using a robust screwdriver, a needle nose pliers, and a hammer (to drive the new ones in). Each wheel installation was a fight because there’s a cinch ring on the piece you extract that has to be overcome, and there’s a ring on the one you put in that requires the same amount of force in the other direction. I did the last wheel no faster than the first, so it wasn’t like I learned any tricks on the way.The performance of these wheels is great: quiet and not apparently destructive like casters. But when I do my work, I’m not really thinking how cool the new wheels are…But I did have one fundamental complaint. Despite their clarity, the instructions did not say what to do with the casters once I’d removed them….

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  45. 1 out of 5

    Cameron L. Williams

    Wheel Size Problem

    I regret this purchase. The casters themselves work as advertised. However, this purchaser failed to discover any reference to wheel diameter in the product description. While the stem fits just fine, the wheels themselves are around 3 inches in diameter, compared with the standard 2-inch diameter caster that comes with most (if not all) desk chairs. The result of replacing standard casters with these is a very uncomfortable sitting experience.I’ll be ordering standard casters to replace these replacements. Because I cannot recommend these casters, I’ll just be introducing this product to the trashcan. To quote Jim Gaffigan, “You can also just throw your money in the garbage.” Goodbye 36 dollars. I loved you while I had you.

    4 people found this helpful

  46. 1 out of 5

    Colin Warnecke

    Don’t be fooled

    I have a non-Ikea chair and the casters don’t fit. How is that “Universal”. Maybe you should stop claiming something is “universal” if you already know that there is one manufacturer (now a second) that your casters don’t fit in.I am smart enough & handy enough to bore out the cores and make these work but I would never buy from this seller/manufacturer again.On the other hand, they are well built, and sturdy. There is some unexpected friction on the wheels, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was expecting more of a free spinning wheel.

    14 people found this helpful

  47. 2 out of 5


    Product does what it’s designed to but design/manufacturing flaws make it near unusable

    I’ve been using these wheels on my new chair for the past three days, and while I’d love to give them a good review I can’t right now. I’m using them on shag carpet and I noticed when moving my chair around that the rolling action was getting “stuck” frequently. At first I thought it was because there was something under the wheels interfering with them, but it kept happening even after making sure everything was cleared away on the floor. After noticing I was also having a rocking motion on one of the sides of the chair I found that one of the wheels is askew is and is bending up under the chair. Since these have only been in use for 3 days I suspect it’s a manufacturing defect that caused the center of mass to be slightly off balance on the wheel itself which is causing additional leaning and bending now that it’s under load. I’ve included some pictures of the bad wheel compared to a good wheel. On the left you can see the center of the axle and center of mass are more or less aligned, on the right one they’re not and I suspect it’s what’s causing the bending and wobbliness.

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