Office Owl Office Chair Wheels Chair casters for Hardwood Floors and Carpet (Set of 5)

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You can now throw those old, plastic office chair mats in the trash and enjoy some serious rolling action without that awful sliding sound. In the long run, it will save you money and effort.

These caster wheels glide smoothly over all floor surfaces – hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, carpet, marble, & more – with a velvety feel.

Your floors will remain clear & un-scratched with Office Owl Wheels. Your floors won’t be scratched, smudged, or damaged by these smooth rolling wheels.

  • Extreme durability
  • Solid steel support
  • Durable polyurethane wheels
  • Holds up to 375lb/295kg
  • Pull out the old casters
  • Push the new wheels in the base until they click

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They can also be used for gaming and ergonomic chairs. Owl office caster wheels are designed for all types of chairs. 

The most common way for people to protect their carpets or floors is by using chair mats. Carpets and hardwood floors are 100% safe with these durable and high-quality casters

Your chair mats can be thrown in the trash after purchasing these caster wheels. A pair of Owl office chair wheels are the perfect choice if you are looking for durable and high-quality caster wheels. Up to 300 kg of weight can be supported by their solid steel supports. Polyurethane wheels roll easily over all types of surfaces.

There is no need for technical expertise during the installation process. Installing these wheels is as simple as pulling out and removing the old caster, then pushing in the new wheels.

You can now throw those old, plastic office chair mats in the trash and enjoy some serious rolling action without that awful sliding sound. In the long run, it will save you money and effort.

These caster wheels glide smoothly over all floor surfaces – hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, carpet, marble, & more – with a velvety feel.

Your floors will remain clear & un-scratched with Office Owl Wheels. Your floors won’t be scratched, smudged, or damaged by these smooth rolling wheels.

51 reviews for Office Owl Office Chair Wheels Chair casters for Hardwood Floors and Carpet (Set of 5)

  1. 5 out of 5

    alison clark

    Instant premium chair upgrade. Excellent product.

    (please see note at bottom about pin size fitting)Purchased these to preserve new wood floors in our home. Now I wish that I had upgraded all of our castors/wheels years ago, regardless of the floor. These rollerblade style wheels are made of the highest caliber steel and rubber. They are industrial strength wheels. Best of all, they enhance chair maneuverability tenfold. The difference is like skating in an ice rink versus tobogganing on dry asphalt.Best chair upgrade imaginable. Worth every penny.NOTE: The pins for these wheels were a millimeter too large for one of our plastic office chairs. I simply used a drill bill to widen the hole, and the new wheels hammered in perfectly and snuggly. Just wanted to let anybody know that if the fit isn’t perfect, that you can widen the holes instead of returning the wheels. It is well worth it, I promise you.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Fit fine, work well… I think they look a little goofy.

    I bought these wheels because the original casters on my desk chair broke after 15 years of use. They installed easily and in place of the originals just fine and they seem quite strong.Looking at the construction, the bracket is completely metal (unlike the original which was plastic), and the top swivel part has ball bearings, which is a good sign of construction quality for a caster. The wheels themselves roll very well on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood and carpet. The casters also rotate very easily, which I think is in part due to the metal brackets and height of the wheels, they don’t compress much if at all when you sit on it.Overall I think these will last me for a long time… And the price wasn’t too bad either.

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  3. 5 out of 5


    This product worked well and fit as decsribed.

    These are great replacement casters for any situation: carpeted floors, wood floors or vinyl. I put them on a wooden “Bankers” style office chair. My main concern was that the old casters had a 1 1/2 inch long mounting pin and these Office Owl casters had a pin that is 7/8 inch long. They fit perfectly and are very firmly attached with the shorter mounting pin going right into a drilled hole in the wooden legs. No problem. Very strong mount. The larger wheels roll super smoothly and with no damage to my vinyl flooring. Don’t get a chair mat if you are worried about marring the floor – get these casters.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    J. York

    great for wood flooring

    These heavy duty wheels are great for delicate flooring. The rubber rolls smoothly on wood floors and is a much better option than the hard plastic wheels that came with my chair. The rubber is just soft enough to avoid slipping around but not so soft that it will wear out.Installation was easy on my 20 year old office chair. The old caster pop out and these pop in. It took me about 2 minutes to do the swap.These don’t roll great on carpet. My old wheels were actually double-wide so they worked better on carpet. These tend to get stuck in a rut on the carpeting and not want to move until you push really hard. Still, I bought these to protect my wood flooring and they’re great at that.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Kathryn B.

    Great enough for me to write a review about wheels!

    I ordered these new office chair wheels in order to replace the wheels which came on my nice (albeit secondhand) office chair. I had accidentally destroyed a wheel when purchasing the chair (it was the dead of winter and the plastic just couldn’t handle the -25 F cold!), and I could not purchase a replacement wheel from the chair’s company. I went on Amazon to see what I could see, and these wheels came up as a best seller. It is easy to see why! I only just received them, but so far they feel durable and usable! I was concerned that I had purchased the wrong size caster, but it was all good. The install was ridiculously easy and they glide over my carpet and carpet mat alike without any issues transitioning between the two! I am extremely pleased with the purchase, and they seem to be high quality for the price! Well worth the purchase!

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  6. 3 out of 5

    C. Peters

    Not sure about these..

    I thought these would be a welcome change to the typical casters, but in some ways they are worse. I got them because hair tends to get wrapped around the casters, then it’s a PITA to get it out, and the casters stop rolling. But, these have an opposite issue-they roll too much, especially when you don’t want them to. They are harder to position the chair and now it takes multiple tries to get centered in front of my computer. And if I get up too fast, then the chair continues to roll…not sure if I will keep them on or not. And keep in mind, you don’t have anything between your foot and the wheel, so you can get caught up in it too. I haven’t, but have come close…Nicely made though. Will give them a bit longer to see if I can get used to them.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Monica Bower

    Perfect and exactly what I needed

    I had bought a very nice office chair on the basis of the legs and wheels being all metal so they could get through my carpet without needing one of those plastic things you have to put down on the floor. The chair was great until one wheel got stuck and I learned to my dismay all that metal was supported by very small plastic tabs inside the wheels; a couple of them bent and the whole design was compromised.I came across these and was intrigued because, although made of metal, they were made of literal rollerblade wheels. They stand up high enough that the carpet isn’t an issue, and the bearings give them a great smooth roll. They’re far sturdier than the standard wheels on an office chair and it was easy to pull out the old ones with a set of normal pliers for a couple of them, and push these in with just hand force. In the future I’ll get these whenever I get a new rolling chair, because they’re a significant upgrade, not merely a replacement. A great look especially for a gaming chair.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Mark A. Graves

    The Office Chair Wheels You Didn’t Know You Needed!

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     I just had my floors replaced and wanted to make sure the plastic wheels on my desk chair didn’t mar them. I found these Office Owl Roller Blade Office Chair Wheels and was a bit hesitant since they looked rather large and maybe more than I needed. I ordered them, received them like lighting and found that yes, I did indeed need them. They were a breeze to install, simply pull the old wheels out and press the new wheels in. These are roller blade wheels. Just like the ones we skated on in the 80’s. They are smooth, silent and will not harm your flooring. Did I mention they are smooth and quiet? I have attached a video of me giving my office chair a light push and the chair goes rolling across the room. I imagine how great office chair races at work would be with these bad boys. I like, no, love these so much I’ll be ordering another set for my drafting chair in my garage / office. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I have to say I’m 110% satisfied. Don’t hesitate on these, they are the office chair wheels you didn’t know you needed!

  9. 1 out of 5

    Timmy B

    They Do Not Last on Carpet

    I bought these about 5 months ago and was impressed how much they improved my mobility on the carpet in my office. However, the swivel bearings started to fall out after about 3 or so months into their use. Two of the wheels have no bearings left and 1 or 2 others are starting to lose them now. Plus, I am finding two types of bearings, one type is shiny and about the size of a .177 caliber BB and the other is slightly smaller and dull colored. Both types came from the same area of two different wheels which makes very little sense, they should all match.I am going to see if I can make a warranty claim. For the record, these were installed on a high-end office chair that is over 10 years old. I put the original wheels back on and they work fine, just not very smooth on carpet. In other words, this is not a problem with my chair.

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  10. 5 out of 5

    Prime Rouge 1


    I ordered these with some reluctance from that many positive reviews with so few negative ones, however these are just as described and awesome!They roll smooth and truer and seem to have a post diameter that as claimed will fit most all chair bases! I have only had them a cpl of days but I am 6”5’” and husky and these are the real deal. Having rollerbladed in my youth I am familiar with this type of wheel.My note to buyers are that theses are roller blade style wheels and are taller than traditional plastic wheels that are more standard on chairs so take into consideration there is a height difference so if your chair doesn’t allow a few extra inches in travel for you to sit comfortably u Dee your desk, table, etc you may want to explore and measure first.Other than that I have bought 3 sets 1 for my chair and 2 others as Christmas presents and I hope the recipients are as pleased as me!

  11. 5 out of 5

    Sue Dickson

    Great for use on wood or wood laminate floors!

    I am Dale’s wife and I make greeting cards, scrapbook, sew, and manage the family finances in my craft room. My rolling office chair seemed to be damaging our laminate wood floors (only 5 years old!) as the laminated surface was showing excessive wear along my rolling path from work station to work station. These roller blade chair wheels were recommended in a YouTube video, and after researching them I ordered a set. They fit perfectly in the sockets, are totally silent when rolling, offer no resistance, and have given my chair a whole new and better feeling. It is no longer difficult to move from one area to another – which is a big deal due to medical issues I deal with. I hope they are durable for the Long haul and they prevent further damage to my floor. Also note that I am packing extra weight but the wheels don’t complain at all. As of this writing I really wish I had these wheels when we first had our floors installed. This is my first experience with any kind of wood floor and I was terribly ignorant.

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  12. 5 out of 5

    L. C.

    What a difference!

    Wish I’d swapped these out, for the originals on my G & G chair, right after buying the chair several years ago. It would have saved me the aggravation of ongoing breaking of casters, plus slow movement & getting stuck easily on my kitchen runner. Now I can zip from room to room, if need be- more easily transitioning from hardwood floor to my low pile carpets. I’ve only had them a week or so, (can’t give a long-term report, but expect them to hold up well, given their durable material make-up.) My son installed them for me in a flash.

  13. 1 out of 5


    Quality Control – “Trust What You Buy”?

    The rollerblade wheels have tons—and I mean tons—of competing products made by the varying private label companies. I chose these, because the reviews were numerous and good (at first blush). The selling decision between these and a less expensive competitor was an ongoing promo for 1/3 off the price. But, I must have received a “new” (i.e., used) product.Positives:They’re sleek, black wheels—exactly what I want. I’m sure they would have been great on hardwood floors, and they’re easy to install with a universal peg for plugging right into your chair.Negatives:(1) They arrived in a damaged box, which is ironic given the damage was on their brand slogan: “Trust What You Buy.”(2) The wheels weren’t wrapped in any sort of plastic, which is not an immediate problem when you value frustration-free, environmentally-friendly packaging.(3) But, the wheels were just dirty: lots of dust and scuffs on the metal hub on some of the wheels. There was also some deformation and peeling on one of the wheels.

  14. 3 out of 5


    1 in 10 defective

    Overall, I really like these Office Owl chair wheels. They roll smoothly and don’t damage the finish of my wood floors over time like the original wheels on my desk chairs did. The only problem that I had was 1 of the 10 wheels that I purchased failed within 6 months. The horizontal ball bearings started coming out of the wheel causing the wheel to not rotate around the shaft correctly. Because they have a lifetime warranty, I contacted Office Owl about the defective wheel by email, because but received no response. Looking a little closer at the Office Owl website, It appears that the website was created but never completed, including the text of “Lorem Ipsum” in multiple places, and links that loop you back to the page you’re already on. On the plus side, if you register your purchase (which, strangely, only requires a name and email address) before you actually buy the wheels, you’ll be sent an email with a code to get an additional 5% off your wheel order with Amazon. Bottom line, these are great wheels, but if one breaks you may be out of luck.

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  15. 5 out of 5

    Tony K

    Like rolling through clouds, while elves sing

    What a difference! My chair had the old cheap rollers it came with. I rent so I am cognizant of the floors and not wanting to wreck them. Form marble, to tile to rug to flooring. I glide across them like a 70’s roller rink professional. You need this goodness in your life.

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  16. 4 out of 5


    Nice but not a huge improvement.

    I originally bought a different set of wheels which had an issue with binding up when changing direction. I bought these because they looked to have a larger separation from swivel axis to wheel axis and thus more torque when changing directions. These wheels do not have that same issue.The only pro I really get out of these compared to stock casters is not tangling cables and other things up in the caster covers. Other than that, my chair moves like… 2 feet. Smoother rolling wheels don’t significantly impact the chairs quality.

  17. 5 out of 5

    Eric L.

    Great office chair wheels! Superb performance on standard-pile carpet!

    I spent a few days researching what type of wheels to add to my brand new office chair to make it easier to maneuver on my carpet. I refuse to use a plastic chair mat because they look tacky. The wheels that came on my chair were less than desirable and I needed something different. These particular wheels specified they were great for hardwood floors but I decided to take a chance on them and see how they performed on carpet. I have been using them for a couple days now and I have yet to find a flaw in them. They are a significant improvement over the old casters and make maneuvering on my standard-pile carpet a breeze. They do not get hung up, they swivel easy, and make it effortless to push away from desk. In addition, they were super simple to install. Simply push them in to the holes as any other caster would have been. I was careful to measure the diameter of hole that accommodates the caster mounting stem in the chair base. Make sure you get this right or they will either wobble or not fit at all. As I understand, most office chairs use the same size nowadays. The supplier provided a nice flyer inside the box in case you were to have issues with them. Overall, I cannot find any flaws with this product thus far. Build quality is top notch, installation was a breeze, and performance has not disappointed, even on carpet.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Dave J.

    these should be standard equipment on office chairs

    I’m handicapped (mostly paraplegic) and mobility is a challenge. Wheelchairs don’t make great office chairs, and office chairs don’t roll very easily even on a flat hard surface. Tile surfaces the wheels snag on the joints between tiles. They struggle to plow through carpet. And so-called “carpet protectors” don’t help, the weight makes them dip into the carpet so to move the chair you’re continuously climbing out of a hole.We moved into a new factory. Carpeted. Office chairs became impossible for me, and a challenge even for the other guys. Front office said use carpet protectors, but all they do is protect carpets, they don’t help with mobility. …….And while shopping for casters for wheelchairs, I stumbled across these for office chairs.They make such a huge difference, that it makes one wonder why they’re not standard on office chairs. Once you’ve used them, there’s no turning back. If you’re paying $100 for a halfway decent office chair, spend that next $30 or so on replacement casters. Spending $130 for a fancier office chair hardly buys you anything. Do the wheels.Several of the other guys at work wised up and converted their own chairs after trying mine. I’ve got an office-type chair at home also, and converted that one.Although this brand was very good, I also used a different brand that was fairly similar in construction and price and found it to be equally as good.So when I say these should be standard equipment, it’s not just about this particular brand, the bottom line is that office chairs are made wrong and the fix already exists and is known and isn’t even very expensive.

  19. 5 out of 5


    Amazing Wheels!

    I love these wheels! I use office chairs with wheels as a mobility aid to get around my kitchen and dining room hands free. I recently had to replace my kitchen floor, because the old wheels were tearing holes in the floor after continued use. Then someone suggested that I replace the wheels with rubber wheels, and to get grey wheels instead of black, which wouldn’t leave marks on the floor. So I was delighted to find these wheels! I ended up buying 3 sets for 3 different chairs! They work extremely well on all 3 surfaces — new vinyl planking in the kitchen, hardwood floors in the dining room, and carpet in the living room! I get around quite easily with them — in fact they move more smoothly and faster than the old wheels. And the chair on the carpet even moves more easily (though I use that one as an actual desk chair, not to get around).They were very easy to install. I just pulled out the old wheels and pushed in the new ones. Sometimes it took a little effort (or a rubber mallet) but mostly just popped in in seconds. And the clear rubber is stylish.They are roller blade style and so maybe an inch higher than the normal caster wheels. So the chair sits a little higher. But since the chairs are height adjustable, that’s no big deal.And the company seems very nice. After each purchase they reached out to me via email to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. They seem to take a lot of pride in their product.One small thing — I did notice a small squeak start to develop in one of the wheels on the kitchen chair. But I had purchased an extra set for a rolling cart, which it turned out these wheels did not fit (I guess “universal fit” only applies to chairs), so I ended up returning the set with the squeaky wheel. It wasn’t a big deal though.

  20. 5 out of 5

    James C Alexander

    Very smooth

    The Owl wheels do exactly what they are advertised to do. I have to travel sometimes from hardwood flooring onto carpet in my office as I slide around between my 4 work stations. Ive never had a chair that would effortlessly traverse the threshold onto the carpet. These wheels do a great job with that. I can easily see putting a set on a second office chair that I have at my home desk.

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  21. 5 out of 5


    Works as expected

    I originally ordered these almost three years ago. Recently, one of the wheels totally failed when the upper bearing balls started falling out. After inspecting the rest of the wheels, all of the bearings were starting to show a lot of wear. Fortunately, House of Lords replaced the wheels with a whole new set. Hopefully these new wheel bearings will hold up better.Hats off to House of Lords for outstanding customer service when one of their products failed.I ordered the Office Owl wheels for a new WorkPro Quantum 9000 task chair to replace the stock wheels. Using the Office Owl wheels was straight forward and I have found them to be quiet and sturdy in use over the past two months. As others have noted, the Office Owl wheels raise the base of the chair slightly over the stock wheels but not significantly enough to change the balance on the chair.My only suggestion/wish is that the wheels came with a rubber shroud/cover to protect your feet.

  22. 5 out of 5

    Eric Slate

    A Great Product in a Sea of Choices

    There are a lot of replacement office chair wheels on Amazon. It can be difficult to sort through them and settle on which one to buy. The wheels I ordered were from Office Owl and arrived when they were supposed to and came in a nice, professional package. I saw no visible defects in construction or quality of the packaging or the product. They had a good weight to them and all five wheels turned and rotated with ease. Installation was as simple as turning the chair over, pulling out the old wheel, inserting the new wheel and turning the chair back over. All the wheels fit as well as the factory wheels, none were too tight or too loose. They feel sturdy and smooth when rolling the chair around on our hardwood floor. I’ll be replacing the rest of my office chairs with these soon.On a side note: I don’t understand why office chairs don’t come with this type of wheel already on them. The wheels on our higher end Herman Miller chair that look exactly like the ones from the $100 chair we bought on Amazon. Just saying.

  23. 5 out of 5


    and these are great replacements for those

    I constantly have a problem where I break the cheap plastic casters that come with most office chairs, and these are great replacements for those. I have been using them for a week and find that they work much better than their default warehouse counterparts.Pros:1. full metal construction, I doubt these are going to break from normal wear and tear any time soon. no jagged edges2. they roll around well and the soft plastic surface doesnt scuff up the floor like the cheap plastic ones do.3. they dont get paper or other stray bits of junk stuck inside the wheel well (its happened more than i care to admit to the old wheels.Cons: (none really, below are minor things)1. the wheels are pretty large, expect them to raise your chair 1/2″ to an inch or so, so for shorter people it might be a problem. I am tall, but i noticed the difference immediately2. touch pricey compared to plastic, but youre paying for the durability/quality

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  24. 4 out of 5

    Amber R.

    Excellent Replacement Wheels But Holy Spam, Batman!

    EDIT – I really like these wheels but getting spammed by the seller to submit a review was frustrating and I took off 1 star. Even after I submitted the review they kept emailing me almost daily until I replied and told them to stop.I purchased these replacement wheels after one my mine broke on an old but ridiculously comfortable chair. They went on very easy, they have a nice design, feel like they are not going to break in six months or a year after daily use. They roll very nicely on my tile floor unlike the old plastic wheels that originally came on the chair. I work from home so I am at my desk between 40 and 50 hours each week, I can foresee these replacement wheels lasting a very long time. Thanks for saving my favorite chair!

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  25. 2 out of 5

    Frank Jones

    not good for the price and too many email, there are alternatives for less money.

    One month in and I’m less than impressed. I’m 6′ 195lbs, not a little guy but not too big yet the clear part of the wheel has separated from the the black part of the wheel on 2 of the 5 wheels causing a horrible squeak. I have Pergo floors and was hoping to do away with the floor mat. On a clean floor these give quite a bit of resistance when changing direction as if the wheels deform when stationary for a short while. This is on a HON Unanimous chair. I gave these a month but they were a waste of money to me. I picked up another set of wheels for half the price and will see how their fair.Rating was a tough call, I’d give these 3 stars but was spammed by the company for a review almost making me give them a 1. After complaining they conceded and removed me from the spam list, but shoddy wheels and too many emails is where I stand.

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  26. 5 out of 5

    Michael J. F.

    Awesome wheels

    I’m shocked at how much I like these wheels.I originally got them because I was trying to get rid of the ugly plastic covering my hardwood floors. I figured I was talking a chance. After 6 months, there are no scratches on the floor in the area of the chair.They move so easily. I can pull my feet up and turn the whole set of wheels while I’m sitting on the chair.I’m also amazed at how quiet they are. They hardly make any noise rolling across the floor. A whole lot less than those hard plastic wheels.

  27. 2 out of 5

    Just a Guy

    Bare Foot Warning

    I have only had these wheels for about a week but am returning them.Can not speak to durability, but …..If used in a home setting with bare feet, they pose an extreme pinch hazard.First, take a look at more conventional dual wheel designs. Note the shroud / cover over the top half of the wheel. This prevents clothes (or skin) from being trapped between the wheel and frame when the wheel rotates inward.Any, and all, of the “Roller Blade” style wheels lack this cover.If you’re in an office setting, with shoes on, it’s probably fine. But, in a home setting – with bare feet – I got tired of thinking about where my feet were positioned prior to moving the chair.

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  28. 5 out of 5

    J. Mullins

    Absolutely amazing

    These wheel are miles better than the stock wheels that comes on most office chair. These swivel quickly and smoothly, and roll easy across carpet without any noticeable resistance. They also raise the height of the chair by a small but noticeable amount, making the height of the average office chair work just a little bit better with the average office desk.Installation was easy…exactly like the installation of the stock casters.I have nothing bad to say about these at all. Well worth the money.

  29. 5 out of 5

    Terry C.

    You learn something new every day

    I’m definitely a do it yourself kind of a person. Thought I knew a lot about fixing all sorts of stuff. Figured that casters for chairs would be different or complicated for each manufacturer. Nope! Got these guys in for a chair I bought at Sams 18-20 years ago. Fit right in. Direct replacement as far as the pin goes. It was really no big deal. They seem to work fantastic. I’m using them on carpet and they roll as easy as the originals. Found a chair that was being given away in the neighborhood because of a broken caster. Yup, same caster socket. Replaced them too. Wow, ya learn something new every day.

  30. 5 out of 5

    J. Allen

    they work like a dream

    WOW! I ordered these for a rolling medical office examination chair that I didn’t want to throw away after it’s plastic wheels finally bit it. The shafts of these new office chair wheels were way too big, and I had to fit the legs of the office chair with some hand made wooden inserts in order to hold these wider shafts.BUT: now that these baby’s are in place, they work like a dream! this chair no longer rolls across the floor, it smoothly drifts at any speed as though angels are carrying you across the floor on a throne. Quick changes in direction? Check. Need to speed down the office hallway at breakneck speed? Check. Not even a shimmy out of these wonderfully smooth babies. The look like they are built to last forever. In the future I expect that I’ll have to replace the stool in order to keep the wheels.Everyone in the office is jealous of these guys, and they seem to make me more attractive just by rolling on them. I bet these guys get me a promotion!

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  31. 2 out of 5

    R. Power

    Initially great

    These worked great for the first year or so but as they’ve started to get a little older all 5 wheels have started leaking a black oily substance from the main wheel bearings that stains everything. It has the consistency of grey heat-sink compound, if you’ve ever worked with that, and my initial impression was that I had spilled some before I realized it was coming from the wheels. Adding a bearing cover would likely prevent this from happening but until they do that I’d recommend looking at a different brand.

  32. 5 out of 5


    Easy fix for bad original wheels

    My favorite office chair had cheap plastic double wheel casters, the same make, style, and size you find on most high-backed leather office chairs. When one broke beyond repair I ordered these. They came in two days and it took me all of 5 minutes to pop the old ones out and push the new ones in and my chair now rolls even better than it did before. These wheels have a pneumatic feel to them, like they add a little cushion to the chair and they are clearly made much better than the original wheels. And you don’t need a chair pad with them even if you’re on carpet. They have ball-bearings and a convincing heft that say ‘quality’. I heartily recommend this product as an easy, inexpensive, and significant upgrade to the wheels you usually find on office chairs. I’m ordering them for every chair in the office.UPDATE – some years later… I still love these wheels. They’ve lasted through very hard duty for quite a while now and I’m about to order some more for another chair.

  33. 5 out of 5

    Jin Choung


    holy crap, i was deciding between this or an acrylic mat for the floor but i’m soo glad i went with these. the hard plastic mats just make the floor uncomfortable around my feet and always CATCH on something or other and it can actually be toooo slidy.but with these, the floor can just remain the carpet that it has been and you can easily move around the floor without feeling like you’re going to zip into another room. i would imagine with hardwood floors tho, you could get a good bit of speed out of them.also, i was dreading that either these would not fit or that removing the casters on my PATIOMAGE GAMING CHAIR was going to be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge pain with me having to yank and twist with all my might to get every single caster out. if you looked at the stem on assembling the chair and the stems that are on these rollerblade casters, there’s a notch on them and i thought for sure this PLUGGED IN to a catch on the inside and it would be murder to un-catch it and pull it out. but no – it was just FRICTION FIT and since it’s metal against plastic, the fit was firm but totally removable! i just got on the floor, pulled one caster out, put new caster in, one at a time until all five were done. and i was so delighted by the results that i had to write this review.another thing it helped with is that the patiomage chair had a little bit of an inclination to tip forward when there’s resistance in the casters. so when “scooching forward”, the chair kept tipping forward instead of moving forward. for the most part, that’s not an issue anymore. can still happen a bit when the wheel gets into a carpet rut but it’s fixable simply by wiggling the butt around a bit. previously, i had to grab the seat with my two hands and pull it with me.anyway, this was a fantastic little upgrade to my chair and i couldn’t be happier with it.

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  34. 5 out of 5



    I can’t believe it took me so long to buy these!It only took a minute to get these on and they look GREAT!They’re SO silky smooth to roll around on ( I have hardwood floors).They’re also really quiet. Don’t hear a thing. My stock wheels made a ton of noise and were difficult to roll around on.I loved these so much, I bought another set for my wife’s chair.Only complaint was from my wife who mentioned that sometimes the chair would move around while working because it was TOO smooth. Not sure if that counts as a complaint, but there it is. 🙂

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  35. 5 out of 5


    Amazing over regular casters.

    I work in IT and can go back and forth from my Desk to a test bench near by in my chair. I first saw these on a gaming chair and thought it would be nice to check out on my office ergonomic chair which has standard casters on our work carpet/desk mat that were VERY loud when moving around.I switched to these and they are quiet and very easy to navigate around. Even with me being 6FT 250lbs. These are so amazing I will be getting a set for my home office chair as well.Hardest part of the installation was the removal of the OEM casters. That took some elbow grease, but these casters went in pretty easily. I did use a mallet to get a couple of them in all the way.Only downside I have seen with these is they are taller then the standard OEM casters that were on my chair, so it has raised me maybe an inch in my sitting position (Im already at the lowest setting with the gas piston), so my elbows are not level with my desk anymore. I should be able to adjust that with desk height, so not a deal breaker by any means. Great product!

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  36. 5 out of 5


    They are really good

    I did not try other brands of wheel so I can’t compare. As for the negatives: they will add quite an amount of height to your chair, so I your chair is already adjusted to the lowest level, these might not work. Also, they are good for the floor but they are not magical. I am expecting some kind of wear on my wooden floors, but on a far larger time frame (I expect to see some wear in 6-7 years instead of 6 months with the old wheels). As for the positives. They are super smooth. I would not return to my old wheels ever since I use these wheels. Also, they are a little rubbery, so they absorb more shocks than my old wheels. I will continue to buy this product for every chairs that I will have for the rest of my life. They are that good.

    41 people found this helpful

  37. 4 out of 5

    Christopher Hemmerling

    Good Wheels – Odd Angle

    Received these about 3 weeks ago, and have started to wear them in. There is some separation between the wheel and the hub, as others have commented, but it’s just an air bubble. If it gets bigger I’ll request a replacement.Pros: Glide smoothly across any surface. Easy installation.Cons:*The wheels have a much different angle than the stock wheels. If you want to tip back in the chair (not on the wheels, but the chair’s pivot) you can definitely feel yourself being over the wheels. Their orientation has to be just right to feel comfortable, which means some repositioning is required. Slide back, then slide forward… then lean back in your tilting chair. This makes the wheels “face” the right direction, and feels much more stable.*Wobble is definitely there. When you slide forward in the chair, you can feel a wobble from side to side (left to right when the wheels are “facing” front to back after sliding into your desk). It spooks you the first time, but everything seems to be alright. I’ll catch the wobble every once and a while, and it still irks me. Feels like something might give.Given all of the above, I might try to purchase the more sturdy looking replacement wheels I see on Amazon (look like chair wheels, but are made differently.) These seem great, but it really depends on how far out your wheels are from the center post.Lastly, why there are no products that come with 6 (for a different chair with 6 spokes I have) I don’t know. I wouldn’t even know where to order a 6th wheel. Looks like I’d have to order 2 sets, and keep extras on hand… Not economical.

    44 people found this helpful

  38. 5 out of 5


    Silent, Sturdy, And Effective

    Pros: Bigger than my plastic casters that I had before, giving my chair about a 1.5inch lift making me sit perfectly with my desk.~Silent movement. I only hear the vibration on the floor from the chair’s weight.~Im a heavy guy and my chair was rated for 350lbs (Im 315) and I kept breaking the old casters, These are holding up and showing no weakness or signs of failure.~Due to the roller-blade design, these do have a slight movement hindrance because they have to “flip around”, but all casters have to do this. These seem to move better than my old plastic castersCons: They don’t come in red to match my chair.Overall: These are very much worth it. This is a nice upgrade to any chair to give you more stability and comfort with the ease of movement. Be mindful that as shown in the picture, They are slightly bigger in height so you may have to adjust to your desk accordingly, But steel construction and kinda thick at that, there not lightweight, they are built to last.

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  39. 1 out of 5


    These wheels don’t work!

    I would have given these wheels zero stars but it wasn’t an option!! I bought 3 boxes of these wheels for my kids office chairs. My kids didn’t like how their normal wheels rolled on carpet so I thought this was a great idea. The wheels wouldn’t fit on two of the chairs so they were a no-go. The one chair they fit on, they were even harder to roll on carpet and it ended up breaking off one of the legs!!! Now I have to buy a new chair thanks to these wheels. And when I tried to return the 2 boxes of unused wheels, it was past the return date as they were Xmas gifts I bought in October. DON’T BUY THESE WHEELS!!!!

    14 people found this helpful

  40. 5 out of 5

    E. A. Jacques

    Theese Are Some Cool Wheels – Now I Want to do Some Chair Racing

    I bought these for my office chair which had some basic plastic wheels. I have hardwood floors in my home office and while I was not seeing any damage so far with the plastic wheels, the sound they made indicated it was just a mater of time. These babies are quiet as heck and make for a real smooth ride. I’m ready for some office chair racing now.I am going to pick up another set for my son’s chair since we share the same office. Yes they are a bit pricey, but they are a very well made solid piece of hardware. So I have no issue with the price given the quality. Installation was easy enough. If you have a problem installing them, well all I can say is you are doing something wrong.Can’t go wrong here and I highly recommend them for any office chair that is on a smooth surface. Although I suspect they would work equally well on low pile carpet too. Definitely a must if you have wood floors.

  41. 1 out of 5


    Bearings came out of wheels and left a mess!

    The look was cool and these wheels sat up higher and were rated for 400 or 500 lbs. I am nowhere near that heavy, but after about 1 week of using them, I noticed little metal balls on my hardwood floor. The chair continued to get more and more difficult to move about. I guess the reason was that the metal balls were half gone. Finally I got my husband to turn this chair upside down and he discovered a bunch of stainless steel bearings coming out of the wheel. We went to office Depot and purchased a nice set of 5 wheels, put them on, and they are working much, much better.

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  42. 5 out of 5

    Daniel T.

    Perfect solution, but toes beware.

    A far better alternative to purchasing a plastic mat for your chair to protect your hardwood floor.The way I can glide around now is so very satisfying… it’s quiet and smooooth.The only thing I feel could be improved though is the harsh metal bracket the wheel is mounted in. The metal combined with the grippy wheels can and will result in some unexpected foot-pinches… especially if you have a habit of resting your bare feet on the wheels. That said, it seems like every competitor product on amazon has the same design.Anyway, buying these for my chair low key got me back into rollerblading.

  43. 5 out of 5

    M. Avery

    Whoa!!! What a difference!!

    Well after being on COVID-19 lock down in NY for 7 months my reliable office chair is dying. The wheels needed replacing and chairs are getting expensive. I just replaced the wheels. These roll quieter, sit me higher (I am 6’1″ and over 210. I need to sit high and up straight. I Luv these. Everyone should buy an office chair and then these wheels. I would have never thrown away my other chairs had I found these. No more tossing out office chairs. It rolls across the floor so smoothly and silently. I did not need my husband or his tools to make the switch. Usually, I post pictures, but these don’t need it. This is the kind of product I can write a review on and say job well done. Update 10/12/2020… my chair base broke and we could not repair it. So, we threw it away, but I took these wheels off and I put them on the replacement chair I got from the job. COVID-19 is keeping me at home in NY (People not following the rules and not getting punished for it).

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  44. 3 out of 5


    Good concept, needs improvement

    I love the concept of these wheels for my chair. The wheels roll well on my floor when in line with chair movement. The center (pivot point) of the mounting pin is too far away from the center of the wheel and the wheel is just a little too soft. Both of these conditions make changing direction difficult at times. Additionally, the large horizontal distance from the wheel center to the pivot point results in teetering like behavior depending on the wheel position and how well the person is centered on the seat. (The wheels *are* properly installed in the chair base)

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  45. 4 out of 5


    Bearing are a little stiff, but roll well enough for an office chair

    I’m used to skateboard and inline skate wheels having bearings that spin freely. When I took these out of the box I was disappointed at how the wheel bearings were fairly stiff. Even though they’re stiff, the movement is quiet and they look pretty nice with the black hardware, so I decided to use them anyway.I installed them on my new Autonomous ErgoChair 2 which came with normal office chair wheels (which kind of annoyed me). Installed they fit very nicely with my all back chair. You don’t really notice the stiff bearings, and now that I think about it, you might not want free spinning bearings anyway. If the bearings were free spinning the chair would be a bit of a nuisance on hardwood floors. However, I still feel like they could be a little better… Part of the reason for taking a star off.The other reason for the star off is the wheel color. The picture shows the wheel as clear, but they’re actually a smokey color. I had a chair when I was in college with clear rollerblade wheels that were actually clear, so I know it’s possible.

  46. 5 out of 5

    John Hurley

    Advertisement was right

    I don’t usually believe the advertisements for most products, figuring that one or two of the statements made will be true at most. These ones have worked right all across the board as far as i can tell.I am 6’1 and weigh 340 pounds, i came in looking for some heavy duty wheels that would be perfect for the big and tall crowd and decided to try these on a whim and they’ve been perfect. As promised they are quiet, smooth, never get stuck on anything and don’t seem to have worn down even the slightest in the years since i bought these. I’d have to struggle to find anything to complain about, they work well on both hard surfaces AND carpet alike.The closest i can come to an issue is that the transparent rubber has acquired something of a yellow tint after all these years, abit of a minor cosmetic imperfection but honestly, what products out there are identical to factory fresh after three years of use? besides how often do you really spend staring at the wheels of your chair?10/10 would buy again

  47. 5 out of 5


    Just fantastic!!!

    Every word of the description and advertisement of these wheels is absolutely true! They are fantastic!! I don’t understand why it doesn’t say anything about this, but I bought them initially because we have 12″ tiles throughout the apartment. I have arthritis in my ankle, and when at home I “live” in a rolling office chair. The regular wheels that come on these chairs hang up in the 1/4″ grout lines between the tiles, make a lot of noise, and make for a VERY uncomfortable ride. The size of these wheels, the tires, and the bearings are all excellent! I can quietly and smoothly glide throughout the apartment with very little effort! Immediately after ordering the first set, I was so happy with them that I ordered a second set for a rolling kitchen stool that I use because the height can be adjusted to where I can work in the sink, on the stove, or on the counter easily…so now I can quietly and easily go from one to the other to the other. (And from the computer to the fridge for a beer and back!) My overwhelming thanks to the Owl parliament for producing such an outstanding product!!!

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  48. 2 out of 5

    D. D. Bondo

    Decent product, absent customer service

    Thought these would be great for my application. They actually do not work well on my carpet, which is actually fairly short and firm. I think anything over commercial grade carpet will not work. As others have mentioned, the wheels will get “stuck” at the moment they should swivel due to the grip and the last of dual-caster.The package included a nice note & card from the young couple who ostensibly own the company. There was a photo and a note saying “please reach out to this email address with any issues and we will take care ASAP”… I thought this was a nice personal touch. I reached out to the provided email address to initiate the return/refund no less than 3 times and never got a reply of any sort so…big fail on their part. Ended up giving them away and now I’m out ~$30

    2 people found this helpful

  49. 5 out of 5


    These wheels and carpeted floors were made for each other.

    I installed these things on my Steelcase leap 2 chair and they work great. The chair rolls with ease across my carpeted floor- whereas the factory wheels made rolling on carpet a real drag- pun intended. With these wheels my chair rolls effortlessly across the kitchen floor which is a “peel n stick” surface. I don’t have any hardwood floors but I imagine the chair would roll just as easily across them in fact on hard smooth surfaces you need to be somewhat wary because with these wheels your chair’s motion is probably going to be pretty nimble. Just something to consider.

  50. 5 out of 5


    Looks cool and good quality

    Just received these new office casters from office owl. I love them. I bought them so I could replace my old standard office chair casters. The quality on these is very good. The rubber part of the wheel seems very safe for my hardwood floors that I paid a lot of money for so totally worth the price . They also seem like they an support a good amount of weight. Another added benefit I didn’t really think of is that I was able to get rid of that tacky plastic mat I had before. These casters are quiet and they roll smoothly and change directions easily. They also just look cool. I might buy a pair just for my office chair at work . Another positive is the packaging is pretty sharp. Not necessary but definitely a plus. Overall I highly recommend these .

    42 people found this helpful

  51. 5 out of 5


    big improvement to chairs

    i work in a salon, and we move up and down the counter most of the day on the chairs. We replaced the wheels that came with the chairs because they were coming apart and leaving black marks on the light colored flooring – and made it look dirty. There are multiple options out there, some more expensive and some less so – but I thought we should try one that was in between on price. It’s been about 5 weeks now, and the new wheels work great – super smooth rolling, and no noise and even better – no marks on the floor. I bought 5 more sets for the stylists chairs too.

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