Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $150

Greetings fellow gamers! Are you ready to level up your gaming experience without burning a hole in your pocket? Dive into our roundup of the best gaming chairs under $150 that promise comfort, style, and ergonomic bliss. Say goodbye to uncomfortable marathon sessions and hello to a gaming throne that won’t break the bank. Let … Read more

Top 7+ Best office chair for arthritis

Arthritis sufferers spend most of their day sitting down. They may not realize how bad their posture is until they try to get up from a chair after being seated for hours. Sitting all day can cause serious health problems, including muscle atrophy, bone loss, joint damage, and even heart disease. It also makes it … Read more

Stealtho Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels REVIEW

Office chair wheels that are truly ‘magical’. Around our house, I have been known as the ‘destroyer of office chairs’ for many years. My office chairs are mostly hand-me-downs. Whenever a chair reaches the end of its lifespan, its wheels are the first thing to go. It can be challenging to find a replacement wheel that … Read more

Top 5 best chair caster for carpet

When you mention using casters on carpets, you’re probably talking about office furniture, particularly office chairs. The majority of employees now spend the majority of their workday seated, so it’s imperative that they are comfortable. Office chairs are caster-mounted since users will need to move their chairs frequently. On the end of your office chairs, … Read more

How long does a lounge chair caster typically last?

How long does a lounge chair caster typically last

Lounge chairs are great for relaxing after a long day, but they aren’t cheap. They also require regular maintenance, such as oiling, cleaning, and replacing casters. If you want to enjoy your new lounge chair without worrying about its longevity, then consider investing in a high quality lounge chair with casters. These chairs will last … Read more

Are office chairs good for gaming?

Are office chairs good for gaming

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just a casual one, it’s no secret that your chair is often one of the most important factors in determining how long you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite game. If you spend hours sitting in front of your monitor, it’s essential that you take care of your body … Read more

How to clean caster wheels on office chair?

How to clean caster wheels on office chair

When your rolling desk chair no longer moves smoothly across the floor, it may be time to clean the wheels. Chair wheels accumulate dirt and debris over time. Keeping the inside and outside of your wheels clean will help keep your chair rolling smoothly and looking nice. Also Read: Top 6 best office chair for pelvic … Read more

What office chair is best for your back?

What office chair is best for your back?

Office chairs are designed to support our bodies while we sit at work. Some offices may not provide enough ergonomic features to help us stay comfortable throughout the day. Most office chairs are made from plastic, metal, and wood. These materials aren’t very friendly to our backs. In fact, these materials can cause long term … Read more